A Plethora of Enchanted DelightsDecember 11, 2010 - January 17, 2011


A Plethora of Enchanted Images - Tiffany Star

Bear Bear Ghost Guardian
by Tiffany Star

fabric8 invites you to A Plethora of Enchanted Delights, our biggest group show to date, featuring large and small works by many of the artists that regularly exhibit in our gallery:

Adrianna Bamber is an artist, illustrator, toy designer, and former puppeteer who draws kooky characters.

Alice Koswara is a graphic designer and contemporary artist who paints delicate ladies, animals, and plant life.

Andy Stattmiller is an illustrator who is particularly adept at painting food, musical icons, and public transportation.

Christopher de Leon paints robots and women with the use of brushes, cans, and wood-burning tools.

Daniel Fleres creates streamlined portraits of mournful yet colorful, and often imaginary, creatures.

Erik Otto practices his art across multiple disciplines and uses recycled paint and materials to produce work that is both expressive and conceptual.

gaNyan aka James Garcia is an artist who renders folkloric demons, faeries, interstellar characters, and sometimes human beings.

Gage Opdenbrouw is an oil painter whose works involve the figure or the landscape and aim to evoke a powerful emotional resonance.

GEM is a painter, illustrator, and designer who often chronicles his imaginary friend Botchok.

Gianluca Franzese, learned in the skill of the Old Masters, documents San Francisco's unique architecture before it is forever destroyed.

Grant Gilliland is an animation addict who spends a lot of time pondering funny postures and animals that have personalities.

Johnny Siu is an illustrator and aesthete who specializes in darkly darling drawings on perfectly-packaged paper or subtly-stained surfaces.

Leon Loucheur is a self-taught painter with an extraordinarily keen eye for realism.

Maureen Shields is a painter and collage artist who aims to seduce the viewer with beautiful beguiling surfaces and candy colors.

Micah Lebrun is a diverse painter whose goal is to find and instill the balance between art and life.

Mildred is not actually an old lady, but a talented young man who likes to draw and paint absurd things.

Natasha Dikareva is a sculptor who transforms clay and metal into totems of the imagination that are simultaneously recognizable and ambiguous.

Ninjagrl paints the adventures of her eponymous character, her best friend Turtle, and their various marine friends.

Phoneticontrol is an illustrator and painter of steam punk androids, flatulent monsters, screwy spaceships, and other weirdness.

Rachel Hospodar concentrates on sustainable design and production with her laser-etched, collaged pieces depicting SF.

Reuben Rude is a commercial illustrator and multimedia artist whose meticulous yet raw multi-layered works are often the subject of awe.

Romanowski is a Swiss-born artist, musician, and DJ whose artwork includes top-notch spray stencil pieces and found object assemblages.

Skriblz aka Evan Venegas is an abstract painter whose stream of consciousness is inspired by urban aesthetics.

TELOPA is an oil painter whose elegant mannerist style of painting women brings a classic beauty to his simultaneously surreal subject matter.

Tiffany Star paints characters that are combination of odd cuteness and curiousness, often found in mysterious situations.

Ursula X Young is a painter, illustrator, and graphic designer whose urban fairy tale images have become a trademark of street culture in San Francisco and beyond.