Artists in Show

Aya Kakeda

Fumiha Tanaka

Pao Pao NestSeptember 24 - October 18, 2010




fabric8 presents Pao Pao Nest, an exhibition of solo and collaborative works by New York duo Fumiha Tanaka and Aya Kakeda, curated by painter Kevin Earl Taylor.

Fumiha Tanaka is a Japanese-born artist whose work explores nature-related themes in various mediums, from painting to ceramics and crochet. She holds a BFA from Savannah College of Art and Design, and currently lives and works in Brooklyn NY.

Aya Kakeda is a painter and commercial illustrator whose work has been featured in publications from Juxtapoz to Design Week, as well as in shows from Montreal to Manila. She was born and raised in Tokyo, and now lives in Brooklyn, NY.

Their first collaboration "Pao Pao Land" (2005) was an installation consisting of a mural, paintings, and giant sculpture which set the tone for their second travelling show, "Pao Pao Nest".

The show at fabric8 will introduce something more personal. A sculptural installation of the "Nest" will introduce you to the characters of Pao Pao land and their home, while collaboration paintings will show you those creatures' everyday life.  An interactive exhibition, it invites you to come and sit in the nest and become a Pao Pao resident.

Pao Pao Nest was on exhibit from September 24 through October 18, 2010 at fabric8, 3318 22nd Street SF.