Parklet Installations

The Peace Keeper
by Erik Otto (2011)


Parklet Patrons

Print Gallery

Martha Traer documenting the installation


Our Parklet Gallery has been built and maintained through private funding by Fabric8 and generous patrons of the arts. If you are interested in donating resources of time, money, or materials, please contact us.


We would like to thank the following donors who helped make our first installation possible:


Amabelle Sze, Matt and Madeline Bingham

Agnes Pieters Rute


Curtis and Sarah Kimball

Eric Staller

Elli Albec

Gary Frenkel

Jeremy Shaw

Meghan Elliot, Cole Pepper

Naomi Mahoney, Ted, Isabel, and Kiko Tilles

Tadhg Byrne

Vern Peralta



Print Gallery

Iron workers