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Gianluca Franzese

Natural PatternsSeptember 29 - October 29, 2012


Natural Patterns with Gianluca Franzese
Video by Martha Traer
Music: Sinicism by Mophono's Halftone Society


fabric8 is pleased to present Natural Patterns, a solo exhibition of new works by San Francisco painter Gianluca Franzese.

With Natural Patterns, Franzese studies the systems of animal and insect life via his signature technique of combining acrylic dry brush with metal leaf. Heavily influenced by classical painting and etching on one hand, versus metalwork and decorative gilding on the other, his use of black, white, gold, silver, and copper takes old world craft to a brand-new level.

Franzese is known for rendering San Francisco structures, and he furthers the concept of architecture and landscape in this new collection by exploring it in the building of spider webs, beehives, and more. He highlights the existence of geometric patterns in many living things, as well as the honing of workmanship on numerous levels.

Gianluca Franzese was born in Italy and raised in New York, where he studied painting at Pratt Institute before transferring to the Florence Academy of Art to learn the skill and technique of the Old Masters. After a few moves back and forth between the United States and Italy, he has settled in San Francisco to pursue art.

Natural Patterns was on exhibit from September 29 to October 29, 2012 at fabric8, 3318 22nd Street near Valencia in San Francisco.

Natural Patterns

Natural Patterns
by Gianluca Franzese