Artists in Show


ShoalmatesJuly 28 - August 27, 2012



by Ninjagrl


Fabric8 presents a solo exhibition of new works on wood by artist Ninjagrl.

With Shoalmates, Ninjagrl explores the parallels between our world and that of our marine counterparts, particularly through the interactive, social behavior of shoaling fish. Relating to each other more loosely and independently than schooling fish, they still remain constantly aware of the others in the group and adjust their behavior so as to remain close to their shoalmates. This concept resonated with Ninjagrl as she found herself striving for balance between independence and community in various aspects of her life. Thus this collection of works explores different facets of community and levels of closeness within her "shoal."

Ninjagrl started painting her eponymous character in Chicago back in 2005. Her cat, Turtle, has proved to be loyal companion and unending source of inspiration, while her time spent as a volunteer at the Seattle Aquarium opened her eyes to the wonders of the ocean world. She hopes to inspire conservation of our marine environment by providing glimpses of the amazing creatures that live there in her unique ninja style.

Shoalmates was on exhibit from July 28 through August 27 at fabric8, 2218 22nd Street near Valencia SF.