Non SequiturJune 9 - July 9, 2012


Non Sequitur with NoMe Edonna
Video by Martha Traer
Music by NoMe

fabric8 is pleased to present Non Sequitur, a group exhibition of works by artists NoMe Edonna, Telopa, Dean Fleming, and Delphyne V.

All artists with an appreciation for surrealism, NoMe, Telopa, Fleming, and Delphyne paint subject matter that is both representational and fantastic. While their styles vary, a common thread of psychological wonder brings together the work in this show.

NoMe Edonna is a self-taught artist born in California and residing in San Francisco since 1999. Known for his smooth-sided biomorphs that combine the organic and the mechanical, his work is an obscure interpretation of contemporary urban life. In recent years, it has become increasingly focused on social, political, and environmental concerns as well as inquiries of science, technology, and study of ancient civilizations. Skilled in both abstract and realist forms of painting, Nome did not study art in school but currently teaches it.

Non Sequitur

NoMe Edonna

TELOPA received a scholarship in painting at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. The son and father of artists, his elegant mannerist style of painting women brings a classic beauty to his simultaneously surreal subject matter. TELOPA travels between New Mexico and Northern California.

The work of French artist Delphyne V has been a perpetual evolution, most recently manifesting itself in painting that focuses on the human body's resources, both physically and psychologically, and how they relate to the extremes of scale in space and nature. The ultimate goal is to keep the viewer in a state of freedom that allows him to dream, think, and imagine.

For Dean Fleming, painting is an expedition into the wilderness his imagination. He draws inspiration from the ancient art of the Americas, particularly how it fuses different forms into a single entity. Originally a shipping clerk at a printing company in Portland, he discovered his talent as an artist when asked to complete a simple drawing at work. He soon found steady freelance work as an illustrator and decided to pursue it academically. He attended the Art Center in Pasadena and has since lived and worked in Southern California.

Non Sequitur was on exhibit from June 9 through July 9 at fabric8, 3318 22nd Street near Valencia in San Francisco.

Non Sequitur

Delphyne V