Artists in Show

Erik Otto

Evan Venegas

Color TheoryApril 27 - June 4, 2012


Color Theory
Video by Martha Traer
Photographs by Kris Graves
Music by Lacksadayscycle

Opening April 28, 2012, fabric8 presents Color Theory, a two-man show featuring new works by artists Erik Otto and Evan Venegas. Both painters with a strong sense of abstraction and color, Otto and Venegas join forces to create an exhibition that addresses these qualities in their organic and technical forms.

In Erik Otto's latest body of work, he emphasizes and de-emphasizes color to illustrate the intangible. He utilizes color and mark-making as a visual code to communicate complex concepts and abstract thoughts more evocative than words.

Otto has been working professionally in the arts for over 10 years. With a passion for creative exploration, he balances his time between painting and design, blending multiple influences into one distinct style. Otto currently lives, works and rides his bike in San Francisco. Last summer, he designed and built a public parklet in front of fabric8.



A Place I Often Find Myself (detail)
Erik Otto

As a New York-based artist, Evan Venegas uses imagery that is loosely based on the urban, industrial landscape that surrounds him. His creative process is rooted in the recognizable world but expressed by abstract shapes and vibrant colors. He seeks to create an experience that inspires a change in perception for the viewer.

Venegas began painting with oils at a young age, and started developing his technique, of realistic rendering of imaginary objects, in his early teens. Born and raised in Queens, New York, he began his art education at Parsons School of Design, then moved to San Francisco to complete a BFA in Painting at the San Francisco Art Institute. He returned to New York in 2000.

Color Theory was on exhibit from April 27 through June 4, 2012 at fabric8, 3318 22nd Street, San Francisco.



The Spirit
Evan Venegas