Salon StyleJanuary 28 - March 12, 2012


Salon Style

FF Operative Series A2
by Doze Green


Saturday, January 28, from 2-8PM, fabric8 celebrates 16 years in business, the past six of which have been conducted in our Mission District location at 3318 22nd Street, San Francisco.

Our Anniversary Party coincides with the opening reception of Salon Style, a unique rotating exhibition featuring recent works by artists Brian Barneclo, David Choong Lee, Delphyne V, Doze Green, Erik Otto, Evan Venegas, Gianluca Franzese, NoMe Edonna, Reuben Rude, and Ursula Xanthe Young.

Unlike most shows, Salon Style will feature different pieces by these artists during the course of the exhibit – January 28 through March 12. The show is also hung in a stacked salon style, to represent the diversity and prolificity of our artists repertoire. We invite art enthusiasts to frequent the gallery and learn more about these painters in the six-week period.

It is hard for us to believe how much time has passed since we started fabric8, and how grateful we are for all the love and creativity we have witnessed and shared. Of course, none of this would have been possible without our friends and family, combined with insane amounts of hard work from everyone.

In the past six years, our neighborhood has also morphed into an entirely different place. New restaurants, new people, and new ideas have been a constant. It is exciting to see all the new families sprout up as well. We love it when kids visit our gallery and are inspired by it, and look forward to the birth of our own child this spring.

We started fabric8 in 1995 as an internet boutique selling unique items "fabricated" in San Francisco. It seemed somewhat strange and impossible at the time, and over the years we have adapted, evolving into what we are today: an art gallery featuring artists working in contemporary mediums.

Having a physical space has also encouraged us to do our part to contribute to the community. We hosted a bevy of food carts during our 2-year-long run of Street Food Fridays, and, last summer, built a public art parklet in front of the building for everyone to enjoy. Please visit us regularly to enjoy our fine art, fun boutique items, random amusement on the parklet, and, of course, the koi in our bathtub.

Thanks to all who have supported us, and may you have a peaceful and prosperous 2012!


Anthony and Olivia