A Plethora of Enchanted DelightsDecember 10, 2011 - January 17, 2012




fabric8 invites you to A Plethora of Enchanted Delights, a 16-artist group show featuring large and small works by many of the painters that regularly exhibit in our gallery:

Adrianna Bamber is an artist, illustrator, toy designer, and former puppeteer who draws kooky characters.

Alice Koswara is a graphic designer and contemporary artist who paints delicate ladies, animals, and plant life.

Andy Stattmiller is an illustrator who is particularly adept at painting food, musical icons, and public transportation.

Christopher de Leon paints robots and women with the use of brushes, cans, and wood-burning tools.

Daniel Fleres creates streamlined portraits of mournful yet colorful, and often imaginary, creatures.

Erik Otto practices his art across multiple disciplines and uses recycled paint and materials to produce work that is both expressive and conceptual.

Evan Venegas is an abstract painter whose stream of consciousness is inspired by urban aesthetics.

Jet Martinez is a Mexican-born, San Francisco-based muralist, painter, and die-hard believer in the power of art as a means to creating a better world.

Johnny Siu is an illustrator and aesthete who specializes in darkly darling drawings on perfectly-packaged paper or subtly-stained surfaces.

Julie West is a painter and illustrator whose work is heavily influenced by people and their environments.

Martin Hsu is a San Francisco-based illustrator and painter who draws inspiration for nature, animals, blush in the young, and wrinkles in the old

Micah LeBrun is a diverse painter whose goal is to find and instill the balance between art and life.

Monty is a San Francisco-based painter of urban characters and landscapes.

Ninjagrl paints the adventures of her eponymous character, her best friend Turtle, and their various marine friends.

TELOPA is an oil painter whose elegant mannerist style of painting women brings a classic beauty to his simultaneously surreal subject matter.

Ursula X Young is a painter, illustrator, and graphic designer whose urban fairy tale images have become a trademark of street culture in San Francisco and beyond.

A Plethora Of Enchanted Delights was on exhibit from December 9, 2011 through January 17, 2012 at fabric8, 3318 22nd Street near Valencia in San Francisco.