Bees and Things and FlowersJuly 22 - September 5, 2011


Bees and Things and Flowers
Video by Martha Traer
Music by Opiated Circuitry Board (Romanowski)


fabric8 is pleased to present Bees and Things and Flowers, a group exhibition of works by artists Romanowski, Sarah Coleman, Telopa, and Ursula Xanthe Young.

Taken from the lyrics of "Everybody Loves the Sunshine" by Roy Ayers, Bees and Things and Flowers celebrates natural beauty and the positive feelings it evokes. Each of the four artists have continuously integrated elements of nature into their work, and come together for this summertime show.

Ursula X Young is a painter, illustrator, and graphic designer whose urban fairy tale images have become a trademark of street culture in San Francisco and beyond. She finds inspiration in the organic yet urban landscape of the city and its surroundings, and is also highly influenced by her travels and the variety of beings that she encounters along the way. She holds a degree from Parsons School of Design in Illustration.

Romanowski is a Swiss-born, self-taught artist, musician, and DJ who has made San Francisco his home since 1988. His keen sense of style and extraordinary talent for vintage shopping has made him one of the most sought-after collectibles hustlers this side of Zurich. His artwork includes top-notch spray stencil pieces and found object assemblages that are coveted by music and design aficionados around the world.

TELOPA studied painting under scholarship at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. The son and father of artists, his elegant mannerist style of painting women brings a classic beauty to his simultaneously surreal subject matter. TELOPA travels between New Mexico and Northern California.

Sarah Coleman was raised in towns in Texas, Minnesota, and California, and noticed that each landscape possessed a unique effect, mood, and sky. These environments and their cultures shaped Sarah's early life experience and began her interest in the emotional and intellectual impacts of atmosphere, weather, and illusion. She studied art at UC Santa Cruz.


Bees and Things and Flowers was on exhibit from July 22 through September 5 at fabric8, 3318 22nd Street near Valencia in San Francisco.



At The Far End Of Town
by Ursula X Young